ITOY Rules

1. The organisation, its objects, its members

1.1 The International Truck-of-the-Year organisation is an international, registered organization with the trade name "International Truck-of-the-Year" and uses symbols as shown on page 81.

1.2 The International Truck-of-the-Year organisation is an independent, democratic non profit organisation formed by professional truck and/or road transport journalists created to form a jury which elects the annual "International Truck-of-theYear" and to develop other activities as considered appropriate.

1.3 The jury shall consist of one member from each country involved in the election.

1.4 The jury members shall elect among themselves a board consisting of a chairman, complemented by a vice-chairman and a secretary. The board shall be elected every third year or more often if circumstances require. There is no limit to the time a jury member can be a member of the board.

1.5 Membership may be held by only one person from each country involved. A jury member may engage one named colleague in his country to help or support him in the jury work as a deputy, but only the jury member has the right to vote. A deputy can represent the jury member at single meetings and other occasions, which must be announced to the chairman in proper time before the meeting in question.

A jury member can appoint a person who substitutes for him and who has the right to act as a jury member as far as described in the articles 3.1 and 3.4 of the rules. This person has to fulfil all the demands that normal jury members have to fulfil. The substitute can be appointed for the period of one calendar year. After that period the jury member in question has to decide whether to return himself as a jury member or give up his membership. A jury member who wants to appoint a substitute has to make known it in writing to the chairman before the beginning of the calendar year in question. The chairman has to make known this fact to the other jury members and to the industry. Every jury member is free in forming a group of colleagues, specialists or operators from his country to support him in the selection of candidates.

1.6 Membership may be held only by journalists the majority of whose journalistic activities is in the field of trucks and/or road transport and who publish regularly in respected publications in the country they represent in the IToY organisation. Members are supposed to be respected and of leading status in their country in general and in the transport business in general and must have a position that is independent from any truck manufacturer. Members or their magazines are required to carry out regular roadtests of heavy goods vehicles.
A freelance journalist is eligible for membership, however he or she must have a written contract with a leading and respected transport publication within the country represented, Each member is expected to publish the results of and editorially support the annual International Truck of the Year election and/or other activities/events decided among the majority of the members.

1.7 The jury may appoint new members by voting. Candidates can be proposed by any jury member. Jury members are supposed to acquaint themselves with the candidate as a person and with the quality of his journalistic activities. It is the task of the chairman to invite the new member formally.

1.8 A jury member may be suspended for the following reasons:

  1. If he no longer fulfils the requirements as mentioned in article 1.6;
  2. If he neglects his right to vote;
  3. If he himself wishes to be dismissed;
  4. If the member deliberately breaks the rules or ethics of the International Truck of the Year organisation.
  5. If he or his deputy does not regularly attend the meetings and other events organised by or for the jury.
  6. If he causes to be published in a publication outside his own country information that has been given exclusively to members of the jury.

1.9 The jury may appoint founding members, ex-members or former officials to a lifetime, non-voting honorary membership.

1.10 The IToY organisation itself shall be financially independent from any manufacturer, distributor or dealer.

1.11 The financial needs of the IToY organisation are covered by its members. The size of the financial contribution will be fixed every year by the jury and has to be paid in January of every year.

1.12 Decisions about important matters, such as suspension of a member, election of a new member or a honorary member, election of a chairman, a vice-chairman or a secretary, the appointment of an independent voting referee, change of rules, the development of other activities than the annual Truck-of-the-Year election and the value of the financial contribution require agreement of two thirds of the jury members. An official meeting or voting shall be held if two-thirds of the jury members so wish.

2. Eligibility of award recipients

2.1 The main criterion for the nomination and the election of any truck as "International Truck-of-the-Year" shall be its contribution, to the standards of efficiency of transport of goods by road in the countries involved in the International Truck-of-the-Year Organisation.

2.2 Any truck which fulfils the criterion mentioned in article 2.1 and which has a gross vehicle weight 3,5 tonnes is eligible. The truck must contain considerable technological improvements. A minor facelift etc. does not make a truck eligible.

2.3 The truck nominated must be reasonably new, shall be produced in series and shall be ordered, according to an official price list, at least three months before the beginning of the year of election

3. Award election procedure

3.1 Each jury member may nominate a truck for the award providing it satisfies all the requirements under rule 2. Each nomination must be sent in writing to the chairman, not later than 50 days before the decided ceremony in the year before the official date of the award..

3.2 The chairman makes a list of the most nominated trucks with a maximum of six. Nominations can be made known to the chairmen by the jury members. This list is sent to all jury members 45 days before the decided ceremony date, which depends on the truck show chosen every year for the that purpose by the jury.

3.3 Jury members must have tested the eligible trucks, if possible and if applicable on their own test route. They also must have had close contact, if possible, with operators using the eligible truck.

3.4 Each judge has 12 voting points to allocate to any truck or trucks from the list of nominated trucks. Not more than 7 points may be given to one individual truck. The judge is not obliged to use all his points.
The vote shall be accompanied by a brief discussion of the reasons for his choice or of the reason why not all his points are awarded.

3.5 The votes must be sent 15 days before the decided ceremony date to an independent voting referee appointed by the jury (not later than 5 p.m. of the last day, GMT +1). The referee collects the votes and tells the result to the chairman, not before all votes have been cast and within 24 hours after this date.

3.6 On the basis of the statements made by the individual jury members the chairman makes the official International Truck-of-the-Year statement to be presented to the winner together with the award.

3.7 The result of the voting shall be made known to all jury members prior to, and the winning manufacturer at the official ceremony.

3.8 The award will be presented to the winning manufacturer on the decided ceremony date on a major European commercial vehicle exhibition, chosen every year by the jury.

3.9 The judges are supposed to present the official statement and the results of the voting in their magazines as soon as possible after the official announcement.

3.10 The judges are supposed to present the official statement and the results of the voting in their magazines.
Members of the International Truck-of-the-Year jury are supposed to generate as much publicity as possible around the election in their home countries.

3.11 Every judge is free to organise domestic presentations to the national distributors or representatives of the winning manufacturer after the official, international presentation of the award has taken place. One official replica of the award may be made per country involved in the International Truck-of-the-Year Organisation.


4.1 The International Truck of the Year (IToY) organisation awards the Truck Innovation Award recognising ‘tomorrow’s trucks’.

  • The award focuses on advanced technology vehicles with alternative drivelines above 3.5-tonnes gross weight
  • The new award will be judged in parallel with the existing International Truck of the Year award
  • The inaugural award ceremony was held at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover in September 2018

4.2 A new annual Truck Innovation Award has been launched by the International Truck of the Year organisation (IToY) which reflects the ongoing energy-transition taking place within the automotive industry towards new, unconventional, low-environmental footprint trucks.

4.3 Entries to the Truck Innovation Award will be nominated and judged in parallel with the long-running International Truck of the Year award. The main criterion for the nomination and election of a truck for the Truck Innovation Award will be based on its likely contribution to increasing the efficiency of transport of goods by road in the foreseeable future, as well as the potential reduction of its environmental footprint within the countries involved in the International Truck of the Year Organisation.

4.4 The nominated truck must be an advanced technology vehicle, with a gross vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes. It should either feature an alternative driveline — e.g. hybrid, hybrid range-extender, all-electric — or have an alternative fuel-system such as LNG/CNG/ hydrogen/fuel cells etc.

4.5 Alternatively, it will have specific ‘Hi-tech’ solutions in terms of ‘vehicle connectivity’ — whether semiautonomous/fully-autonomous driving systems, ‘platooning’ capability, advanced support services such as remote diagnostics etc. — that are still in a prototype/early-development phase (single unit), or in ‘small series’ production.

4.6 But whatever the specification, ‘Truck Innovation Award’ nominees must be a ‘driveable truck’ i.e. one-off concept vehicles are not eligible.