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Just over a year ago Iveco introduced the ECO label to its Daily range of light commercial vehicles. That initiative has proved to be the cornerstone on its approach to sustainable mobility. Investment in developing and producing ecological and energy saving products continues unabated as the Italian manufacture aims to take the lead in this innovative area. Members of the ITOY jury were brought to the heart of Iveco‘s engineering planning, research and development facility in Turin to hear the latest on its commitment towards a future sustainable mobility. An opportunity to test-drive some of its new "alternative" traction vehicles was also presented on the day.

E³ is the new symbol or formula that represents Iveco‘s three core values on environmental issues – Energy, Efficiency and Ecology. All three come together under the company‘s "Driving Innovation to Reality" theme.

E³ = Energy

As we all are aware, Energy is essential to the requirements of all transport needs. Conservation and a greater balance of usage of energy produced from renewable sources are now necessary in order to optimise the diminishing fuel sources. Iveco fully supports the use and the diffusion of renewable fuels to satisfy future transport requirements.

E³ = Efficiency

Maximising efficiency means reducing waste to a minimum. Improving efficiency all round in a transport operation is essential as we go forward. Manufacturers like Iveco have improved the efficiency of drivetrains no end, which has had an immediate and direct effect on the reduction of a vehicle‘s environmental impact. The efficiency of the transport operation has a direct bearing on the use of resources necessary to undertake the movement of goods and people.

E³ = Ecology

For Iveco, ecology means respect for the environment on which we all live, but also for the driver and fleet operator. It is also aware of its ecological role of the well being of its employees, its partners, its customers and of its suppliers. Respect for the environment also means ensuring sustainable manufacturing processes, from the conception of its products to the end of their life-cycle.

Product wise E³ means that Iveco will offer vehicles that associate efficiency and productivity that has an even more respect for the environment, with particular regard to fuel consumption. In relation to specific customer needs re different vehicle applications that are more environmentally friendly, Iveco has a number of technological solutions available to order. Euro 5 engines that meet EEV (Enhanced Environmental-friendly Vehicles) standards are on offer throughout its range of vans, trucks and buses but its alternative traction solutions such as Electric power and Natural Gas represent Iveco‘s biggest gains in all aspects of sustainability.