ITOY Obituary – Markus Huber
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A lifetime dedicated to trucks


Markus Huber, long serving Swiss member of the International Commercial Vehicle Juries - Truck of the Year & Van of the Year, passed away peacefully after Christmas at the age of 73. His truck related career started in the Swiss Military, driving a Saurer 4×4, with its unsynchronized gears, and with its brakes and the steering systems without servo. Since then much has happened, Hüebi, as he was fondly called, preferred the uncomplicated and recorded a personal best time in a truck, a 750 hp Volvo FH16. Grown up in Olten, Markus completed teacher training but took to the profession only for a short time. In the Army he was Mot-Fahrer (motor driver) at the news troupe, and while participating the repetition course in 1969, he applied for a job in Bern at the ‘Automobile Revue’, that was well respected in the industry. Hüebi speculated that his appearance in uniform was good for him, as the legendary editor-in-chief, Robert Braunschweig was a motorcyclist officer. So his career started as a journalist in the automotive sector in December 1969, and was responsible for politics and business, but then switched to technology and vehicle testing. In 1981, his commercial vehicle editor Max Fehlmann retired, the civilian truck time for Hüebi started, although he still had to take a few driving lessons, because his Military driver's license was not yet accepted for civilian use. Then trucks, vans and buses became part of his daily business and Markus became facinated on the ongoing technical developments. In 1991 he became a member of the jury "International Truck of the Year„ and soon joined the Van of the Year jury, representing Switzerland and in recent years retired from both adjudication panels.

May he Rest In Peace